***Upcoming Shows*** w/the Ramblers

Hey Everyone!

Hope you are all staying warm and eating lots of sweets to celebrate the holidays! I am taking a break currently from waterproofing my mukluks and shop vacuuming my basement to remind you all of a few shows coming up with the Dirt Road Ramblers :)

Check em out here:  http://www.reverbnation.com/jhdrr

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Come get yer honky tonk on!


Al Pal

What A YEAR!


Well it has been an exciting year for me regarding music. I have been writing new songs and singing on stages in the Twin Cities.

The classic rock cover band I am in, The Goombas are still rocking and we continue to be a hit at wedding receptions! It is my favorite night of the week when I get to practice with these two beautifully talented gals :D


I have been singing with the ever so talented and fun country band, The Dirt Road Ramblers. It is truly a treat to be able to jump on stage and dance around like a sparkly pinwheel spinning in the sunshine :) The songs are some of my favorite songs to harmonize with and I feel so fortunate to have been incorporated in so many exciting gigs/opportunities the Ramblers have been a part of. Great musicians through and through and Joe is a strong song writer one can relate to. All around excited to see what happens next :)


As for my band and my music, I could not be happier with the way it is going. Between our new standup bassist, Evan Cocoran and my dear friends Ian Carleton and Eric Badger I believe we have a very illuminated sound. The kazoo makes a comeback and Eric distracts me with his mandolin licks, I seriously do not know how this kid is not playing with the Punch Brothers. Ian is still a master at EVERY instrument and is such a knowledgeable asset to anything he touches musically. I love that boy! :D Evan is new to the group but doesn’t feel like it, he has just fallen into place and I think enjoys our dorky humor. ;) He has mastered the art of melting my musical heart by bowing the bass. Truly a beautiful thing to be able to feel the notes resonate off of you and back into the room. Some very musically dreamy moments have been happening in my little living room lately.  I really look forward to inviting you to shows in 2015.


Al Pal



We’re playing at the State Fair. That’s REALLY cool, huh?

We’ll be on the Mancini’s Char House little stage August 25th.

Keep August the 23rd free also. (For unrelated reasons).

More details coming very soon.

Thanks and have a great SummerFall.

-Alex & Ian